Global warming rises. It rains a little and bad. River watersheds and reservoirs are becoming more and more inadequate. The planet is dried up… And, after a while, people exponentially increase in number, extensive stockbreeding rises, and it needs more and more water for consumption. These are the bad news. But this post is written to provide solutions. Presenting “Acqua Tempus,” a shower timer that will help save up to 80% of water consumption in every household, hotel, gym or sports centre. Let us explain it.

100% Spanish technology that’s clean and easy to install and use 

Acqua Tempus” is a product designed by Arelia, a Spanish company dedicated to responsible water and energy consumption whose goal is to design and promote technologies that help stop climate change. We believe that it is time to take action: if it does not rain and water becomes scarce, the most appropriate thing is to reduce its consumption. With this concept, our shower economizer was born, which is a big step forward in saving water and energy.

“Acqua Tempus” is installed in any shower and does not require electrical installation or plumbing and its objective is to limit water consumption anyone even the least prepared, will be able to install it without any difficulty. Once it’s working, it only requires programming it through a simple control panel, and select the maximum number of minutes the shower can take. If the limit is reached, the water supply will automatically stop and the faucet will remain closed for the programmed delay time

Every minute the faucet is open, 12 litres of water are consumed 

Let’s analyse the issue. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nobody must take a shower for more than 5 minutes. There’s no need. It damages the skin and thus it affects our health. However, according to a survey done recently to know the habits of Spaniards in the shower, 91% confirmed they usually get soaked in the shower for much longer.

For every minute in the shower, 12 litres of water are being consumed. So, a shower must not require more than 60 litres per person and day. However, nine out of ten citizens probably waste double (easily 150 litres or a lot more)

Let’s do numbers: We assume that three members of a house switch from taking 30 minute showers to, as what’s recommended, showering in just five minutes. Their daily water saving will be 300 litres daily per person, which means 900 litres in that house. Be amazed: the total water saving in one year rises up to the astonishing amount of 328,500 litres in a single house with three people!

Far beyond home use 

Acqua Tempus,” as what has been seen, can revolutionize water consumption at homes. However, our tool to take care of the planet goes far beyond that. Let’s imagine a gym with 300 persons a day. Or a hotel visited by 500 tourists or people on business travel… Or tourist rental spaces that populate the city centre, which are really common nowadays. In all these cases, the frequency of people who use the shower is huge, such that installing this timer is an even bigger water conservation for the owners and, the most important thing, for the community where these owners live. 

Savings in gas and electricity, another good reason 

Although the main reason for creating But Acqua Tempus not only saves water, but also energy, either gas or electricity; the less water there is to heat, the less energy to consume. Two in one.

Global vocation 

Sometimes, we believe it is only in Spain where water is a pressing issue. However, it isn’t so. We all have recent devastating images in our minds throughout the planet: entire communities with people displaced in Africa or America. Or the terrible bushfires that devastated California last summer or Australia, resulting to a drought with percentages that are never before seen.

And the expectations of all international organizations don’t improve. Rather, they report a worsening. Hardly 3% of all the water in the planet is potable. And there are more 2 billion of these humans living in the risk a severe drought.

For this reasonFor this reason, “Acqua Tempus” has a clear global vocation, and we have already started implementing it beyond the Spanish borders.