ahorrar energia en apartamentos turisticos temporizador de ducha


In 2010, for more than a decade now, the company Arelia was born in Spain. At the start, it was dedicated to air conditioners where it specialized. However, its managers quickly expanded the business with a good entrepreneurial mindset and a better social awareness.

The first was biomass heating: a perfect combination of efficiency and ecology, which is increasingly becoming popular among Spanish houses and all over the world too.

From then on, Arelia hasn’t stopped from innovating. Right now, more than ever, scientists advise us that there’s no turning back in the fight against climate change and they tell us that if we don’t stop the current gas emission, catastrophe will take place in the next few years. Moreover, electricity, gas, and fuel prices have been affected by the war in Ukraine… Now, we say that the world looks at companies in this way, the one who develops creative and pioneer technologies that can meet all these challenges: reduce the environmental footprint and make the surging cost of living cheaper.

Let’s go by parts, starting with what’s in the title of this article: the tourist apartments. There are many economic sectors that suffer when energy prices surge, and tourism is one of them. Moreover, this sector suffered coming from two terrible years caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it seems like it’s finally starting to subside.

For all the above mentioned, Arelia has placed its attention in developing technologies that help stop the bleeding of excessive energy consumption. There are many studies confirming that when we turn into tourists, we multiply by four the usage times of air conditioners with respect to when we are at home. Something similar happens when we switch on the shower faucet. An average Spaniard consumes 135 liters a day, while a Spanish tourist can reach up to 800 liters.

From here, we arrive at what Arelia does as a contribution, a company that’s 100% Spanish capital, as we have mentioned already. One of the most original measures is the use of prepaid reading meters for the air conditioner, which helps in making consumption much more sustainable with the client not losing a hint of quality in its vacation experience.

Let us explain. First, the tourist apartment owner and the customer establish a quantity of electrical power that’s included in the rental. Then, if the consumer makes an excessive use of energy and wastes that energy, the question is – who’s the one that has “forgotten” to switch off the air conditioner in an apartment or hotel to keep the house or room cool when the customer returns? – therefore, to keep on enjoying the air conditioner, an extra amount of money has to be paid.

A second proposal is the aero thermal. Meaning to say, the extraction of energy from the air found in the environment surrounding us to heat the interior of a house. It’s one of the most efficient systems that exists to warm up a physical space.

It’s generated with a heat pump and it’s considered as renewable because of its very high performance and very low consumption. Thus, if that little energy is needed, it’s obtained through the use of photovoltaic panels (solar panels), as it occurs in some apartments where the energy efficiency circle is closed.

Also, through the aero thermal, sanitary water can also be warmed up. However, this has a downside: the production of warm water is not as quick as when it’s done with traditional methods. And as a result, if a client spends so much time in the shower, he can stop. Nevertheless, this system has an inconvenience. Since producing warm water is a bit slow, in such a way that if one of the consumers spends so much time in the shower, it can leave other consumers without warm water and make them wait longer than the reasonable time.

From here comes another Arelia’s jewelry, which is the water timer. A tool that’s very easy to install, which limits the time one can be in the shower – let’s put 5 minutes, which is the one that’s recommended by the authorities. If a tenant reaches that limit in the shower, thanks to Arelia’s timer, this will stop and will pause in a default amount of time in minutes before it goes back again, forcing the user to leave the shower.

ahorrar energia en apartamentos turisticos acuatempus

It’s important to insist on an important fact: we need a reasonable management of resources. And that is the spirit that moves Arelia. Also, that means economic savings, which is like the cherry on top. However, that’s not the most important, but rather the streamlining of energy expenses. And let’s not forget: The World Health Organization claims that based on several studies, taking a shower for more than 5 minutes isn’t necessary and can damage the skin.

Therefore, it would be good that this type of information would be extended and be heard by the group of tourist apartment owners who operate with huge success in Spain lately. For a more reasonable and quickly amortizable economic amount, they can make your home an energy-efficient place and obtain higher profitability.

A final look at the Spanish company

Lastly, it’s not bad for us to remember that, since its activity started, Arelia has developed, imported, and distributed a wide range of energy cost control systems (clear examples of these include coin timers for washing machine and dryers, sports court lights or the showers timers, as mentioned).

All this has made it to first place in the sector both in our country and in the neighboring Portugal. Moreover, nowadays it exports to Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Chile, Mexico and Peru, among other countries.

Arelia, every Kw counts