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Acqua Tempus shower timer


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SEGURPLUS Security Lock
Acqua Tempus, in cases of vandalism, provides the customer with an extra-strong plastic lock to prevent the user from disconnecting the economizer. A padlock with a key is required to lock it; Padlock NOT included.
45 €
Function PLUS
Maximum number of showers per day. With this function, you will be able to limit the maximum number of showers per day for your children, saving even more water and gas. Once the maximum number of showers has been consumed in one day, Acqua Tempus will remain blocked until the following day, preventing further consumption of water and gas. When the next day begins, Acqua Tempus will once again have the maximum number of scheduled showers available for consumption.
30 €

The Acqua Tempus shower timer is an easy-to-install device that restricts the maximum shower time, thus saving large amounts of water and gas. It prevents our children or hotel guests from taking excessively long showers, reducing our water and gas bills and helping to combat global warming.

Acqua Tempus has a water leak sensor: in case the user leaves the tap open, will automatically shut the tap to stop any water & energy waste.

IMPORTANT : The minimum flow of water in the shower must be 7 liters per minute to ensure that the lithium battery is charged correctly. Do not install any device on the shower head that will reduce the flow of water. Acqua Tempus already reduces it by 15%.

WARRANTY : 2 YEARS. In case it fails, Acqua-tempus will be collected with FedEx or DHL for repair and will be returned in short to your home at no cost. Arelia’s commitment.

Safety lock: device to block the connection to the faucet and prevent the user from bypassing the Acqua Tempus


Acqua Tempus shower timer


Quick and easy: Acqua Tempus has a bracket to fix on the vertical shower bar, or on the wall, with two screws. Acqua Tempus also comes with a 70 cm water hose to connect to the tap outlet. It also includes a safety lock to prevent the user from loosening the latch while connecting the shower to the tap. In addition, for public places where vandalism can be a problem, Arelia offers as an option (not included in the base price) a security kit composed of a stainless steel lining, and a reinforced protector for the coupling, made of -material of break.

For standard faucets, Acqua Tempus does not require any plumbing modifications and does not require any electrical installation. It has a lithium battery that recharges with the passage of water.


There are three phases:
a.- Shower
b.- Foam
c.- Delay or wait


The maximum time is 20 minutes in each phase.
When we open the shower tap, it will automatically start the countdown. When the time limit is reached, Acqua Tempus closes an internal valve, leaving the shower blocked for the time we have programmed in Delay © mode, forcing the user to leave the shower and thus saving a large amount of water and gas.

With Acqua Tempus shower timer you will significantly reduce your spending on water and gas, while helping to conserve the planet. We ship worldwide. Customs clearance and local taxes are paid by the end customer.


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2 reviews for Acqua Tempus shower timer

  1. arelia_creatividad

    At my house in Perth/ Australia I am renting out rooms in order to help me pay off the mortgage. That actually works fine but there were some ‘issues’ coming along with that business idea and one of them was hosting regular lodgers (tenants) taking showers lasting 20 minutes and above (That is five times over the recommended time for a shower by the water supplier). After receiving an invoice one day from the Water Cooperation being almost 50% over the usual amount I decided to go for a shower time to stop that water wastage as talking/ educating did not work.Checking online for the available shower timers I had a few criteria for the product I wanted to buy.One of them was, I wanted to install the shower time myself without employing a plumber/ electrician and raising the costs as these trades are quite expensive. Also I was interested in a timer being built in a solid way to protect potential vandalism by the lodgers. And of course it needed to be an ‘easy to use’ product.One of the shower timers I found was the Acqua Tempus (AT) from Arelia, a Spanish manufacturer, which ticked all my boxes. That means I could install it myself and did not need a plumber. As the AT runs with a battery which does recharge itself by the water flow when having a shower I also didn’t need an electrician. The battery is made to run for years (approx 8 years so the information from the manufacturer but cannot confirm that yet as there are a bit over 7 years to go). I’d be happy if the batteries of the smartphones would run at least half of that time! It is made out of thick and solid plastic and therefore limits the possibility of vandalism. A key locked lid covers the control panel with a key system being much better than my Lockwood entrance door deadbolt system. It’s very easy to use and gives you the possibility to program the shower time as well as the soaping and the waiting time (until you can have the next shower). The display will be illuminated in three different colours depending on time setting being shown on the display. Once the timer reaches the last 15 seconds the coloured display starts pulsing and reminds the user of getting to the end of the set time. Last but not least Arelia supplies a pressure hose tested for 8 bar of water pressure.As I was impressed by the well sophisticated product I decided to buy it and received it after 5 days once the money was paid by UPS. Well done UPS, that was the fastest delivery from all overseas purchases I have ever done! The AT shower timer has been in use for quite some time by now and I am very happy with it. It is a small and well designed device helping me to finally stop my lodgers from wasting water and my water bills confirm the investment was worth every cent. Well done and thank Arelia. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with you guys and I also enjoyed your outstanding service and support along the way. And in regards to the great experience I made I’d be happy to invite potential clients to my house and present the Acqua Tempus at my place so they can get a picture themselves.

    Best Wishes

  2. arelia_creatividad

    we have installed it at home to prevent our kids from wasting water and gas; the result is being excellent; now they control themselves and spend no more than 6 minutes per shower. Absolutely satisfied with this shower timer; kind regards from the U.S.

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