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Acqua Tempus

We are Arelia, a Spanish company committed with responsible consumption of water and energy. Our goal is to design and promote new tecnologies that can help us stop the climate change. Step by step, Arelia keeps introducing and selling its energy saving systems all over the world.
Arelia Innova S.L. was founded in 2010. Initially it dealt in air-conditioning, which was subsequently extended to biomass heating (wood and pellets). Its current business includes both the sale and installation of cooling and heating equipment.
Likewise, right from the beginning, Arelia imported and distributed energy expenditure control systems such as coin timers for washing machines, dryers, lighting for sports installations, showers etc … positioning itself as the leading company in this sector in Spain and Portugal, including exports to other countries such as Italy, Mexico, Peru, etc.
This latest phase in Arelia’s focus on energy saving has included the development and manufacturing of a shower economizer – Acqua Tempus – patented in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.
Acqua Tempus shower timer