In the last 10 years, the production of sanitary hot water has become widespread thanks to the use of the aerothermal system (also called a heat pump).

Compared to traditional electric boilers, the increase in energy efficiency has been spectacular, to the point that it can provide air conditioning in the house in summer using underfloor heating and, at zero additional energy cost, produce hot water with the heat resulting from the air conditioning.

If we add photovoltaic panels to the roof of the house, the cost of hot water becomes even lower, energetically speaking.

But, as they say, there is no perfect system and aerothermics (as well as electric thermoses) have the problem of being too slow in producing hot water, so that if one family member consumes too much, the rest of the family may be left without, which is certainly a major drawback.

To solve this problem, Arelia has been manufacturing and marketing its Acqua Tempus shower consumption limiter for a few months. This device provides a way to limit the maximum shower time and thus force all members of the family to make moderate use of hot water.

Acqua Tempus allows you to program reasonable shower times (5 minutes, for example). Taking into account that the flow of a shower is around 12 liters per minute, we will have a total consumption of 60 liters per shower (mixing 50% cold water with hot water from the thermos). In this manner, a 150-liter thermos can easily meet the needs of a family of up to five members with no fear of one or more running out of hot water.

So Acqua Tempus, besides being considered a water and energy saving device, can also solve the problem of hot water shortages with electric or aerothermal thermoses, by incentivizing a rational use of the shower and thus allowing the whole family to have a hot shower with no waiting time.

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