Shower timer shut off

In recent years, we have heard so many concerns about the low levels of our reservoirs due, in part, to lack of rain, but also due to excessive water consumption in tourist resorts.
As the newspaper explains (in Spanish) in its article titled “We do not have enough water for so many tourists“, an average Spanish citizen consumes around 125 liters of water per day, while a foreign or national tourist consumes between 600 and 800 liters per day, which supposes an unsustainable waste for Spain. This indicates that installing water saving systems in hotels and tourist apartments is an absolute necessity.

Arelia, in its search for ways to reduce consumption wherever possible, has already been supplying and installing various types of shower consumption limiters useable in homes, camp grounds, hostels, inns, mountain lodges, golf courses, and all kinds of sports complexes and gyms.
We now present Acqua Tempus, a consumption time limiter for showers exclusively designed and manufactured by Arelia. It is extremely user-friendly: shower time is limited to the number of minutes selected by the land lord, after which the shower limiter cuts the water supply leaving it inactive for the minutes that we have programmed (delay). Installation does not require a plumber: you just connect it up. Nor does it need an electrical installation, as it incorporates a microturbine that produces energy with the passage of water and charges the internal battery. Acqua Tempus has the advantage that it can also be installed in homes, especially those in which teens waste water. In hotels, it is also a great solution for saving water and energy, allowing for significant cost reduction.

There is another way of controlling showers, which is with traditional coin limiters, programming them to 1 € per x amount of time. Your savings can be considerable and you also collect the money. These are especially suitable for gyms and camp grounds. As they require electrical and plumbing installations, they are somewhat more expensive but provide a weekly economic collection that compensates the owner. You can set market prices, such as € 1 = 6 minutes of shower time, or put a ridiculous price like 20€ = 6 minutes simply to convey to the user that water is scarce, just like energy, and it must be conserved.

Spain’s water capacity is 56,000 cubic hectometers, which represents a huge amount of water reserves. But make no mistake: even the largest reservoir can dry up, so it is advisable to take water saving measures before we reach alarming levels.
For all of the aforementioned reasons, limiting the use of showers by tokens or coins, or by using our Acqua Tempus device in public places, is the most reasonable method to eliminate the waste of water caused by tourists, and to instill in users responsible water consumption.

Saving water and energy, whether in public places or in private homes, is an absolute necessity. “